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Our Services

We utilize holistic personal financial planning to provide customized wealth management strategies for clients. This method organizes their individual and/or family finances to help pursue their goals. We take a thorough approach to help manage the complexities of a client's personal finances, while providing structure to prepare and adapt to normal changes which occur over time.

Although every client's situation is different, common areas of personal financial planning include: asset management (investments), retirement planning, budgeting, tax planning, ensuring adequate insurance coverage, estate planning, and charitable giving.

The planning process is continuous and there is ongoing monitoring and review of the client's overall financial situation. Adjustments are recommended when circumstances and objectives change, or if new goals arise.

We personalize the asset management for clients through an investment advisory account. Rather than charging a fee for transactions, a fee based on a percent of assets is used. An investment advisory account allows for full focus to be placed on the client's core needs when selecting investments, and helps avoid conflicts of interest inherent in commission transaction based accounts.

Besides individuals and families, our asset management service is also offered to foundations and endowments.